CodeSwatini is a non-profit organization with a community that consists of learners from all walks of life, including students, entrepreneurs, unemployed people, professionals seeking a career change, teachers interested in introducing computing into schools at large scale.

We believe that everyone should have equal access to quality IT education. This means that every person is able to leave their past behind, and start over with a new skill set and identity.

Our solution isn’t coding courses; it’s creating opportunities for people to learn to code, and giving them a platform on which to practice. This means many different things, but it also means things like encouraging innovation through Coda-thons, Hackathons, Workshops, Online Learning, etc.

Mission &

The mission of CodeSwatini is to give everyone access to computer science education. Our vision is a world in which everyone understands how to program and can engage in computing as a hobby or profession.

We accomplish this mission through an innovative non-profit organization that offers free coding courses for everyone, anywhere in Eswatini. Those who graduate from our courses are equipped with the skills needed to pursue programming careers or continue learning on their own.

Thuba Mamba

Tech Lead, Senior Software Engineer & Cloud Engineer Enthusiast and codEswatini Founder

“The passion to establish codEswatini comes from the need to impact in Eswatini, the next generation of tech professionals, startup founders, designers, developers, etc. that meet international standards.”


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